Rigid Bodies Hardox

Many trucks come equipped with inclusive multiple-sensor systems that monitor speed control, automatic emergency braking and have lane departure warnings. One system, or piece of equipment that tends to require retro-fitting are reversing cameras.

While it can be difficult just driving a heavy-duty truck, trying to reverse them requires a mastery that often comes with experience. However, if you are driving to a location that is quite busy and has many people on-site, having a reversing camera system installed is a necessary safety feature for you as the driver and those nearby.

When on a work site there is so much happening maintaining control of your visibility is key to reducing the possibility of accidents occurring. Therefore, you need to look at benefits of having a reversing system installed on your truck.


On job sites there are tradies and workers all around you. Anyone of them could walk behind your vehicle at any time or be in a blind spot when you’re reversing. Most reversing cameras for heavy duty vehicles have a 120-degree wide angle view and depending on where they are placed, can provide you with unobscured views of your surroundings. 

Depending on the size of your vehicle one camera may not be enough. Fortunately, some systems can accommodate up to four cameras that feed their footage into one monitor, which can be mounted on the dash or from the cabin roof. Given their ability to be able to record footage, it provides an extra element of protection should something happen.

Risk Compliance

With a more enhanced view of your surroundings, you can effectively avoid at-fault accidents. This means less money being paid out to cover the cost of repairs to another’s vehicle, not to mention your insurance premiums being increased due to the amount of accidents you or your drivers are having.

Also, as these systems can record footage from the cameras, if there is any reported illegal activity that results from driving the vehicle, the footage can help in proving the driver’s innocence.

If you need to work out where to best install your cameras, or the type of system suitable for your truck, contact the team at Borcat on 02 9631 9594, or send us an online enquiry.