Borcat Trailer’s history dates back to 1958 when Angelo Borg and Paul Muscat began building trailers for use in their own coal cartage company, with their first trailer built being a 16-foot single axle steel tipper.

Throughout the years Borcat Trailers pioneered new technology as not only did trailer designs change, but materials as well, such as the introduction of high-tensile aluminium. A lot of hard work, time and money went in to getting the thickness and grades right before they reached the high-quality craftsmanship they are known for today.  

In 2008, Angelo sold the business to current owners John Thompson and Paul Gallagher, with the handover being carefully supervised by Angelo. Both John and Paul were more than happy to receive the advice and wisdom from a man whom was a pioneer and had been so successful and well respected in the industry for such a long time.

Since then, Borcat Trailers has embraced and pushed new design principals, as well as implementing an engineering team who utilise the latest in 3D and simulation CAD drawing software, ensuring we stay at the leading edge of trailer design. Our latest innovation is the Borcat ‘Ultra Lite Series’ which is approximately 350kg lighter that some comparable products of similar design. This is the result of careful engineering and the desire to provide a product that helps reduce operating costs and environmental impact while maintaining load capacities, longevity and quality that Borcat is known and trusted for.

As a leading manufacturer of high quality trailer and tipper equipment in Australia, Borcat Trailer provides custom solutions for business needs. Whether you need semi-trailers rigid bodies, 3,4,5 of Axle Dogs, B-Double or Live Bottom Trailers we’ve got you covered.

We’re happy to be celebrating our 60th birthday and look forward to another 60 years and hope you come along for the ride.