Borcat Trailers history dates back to 1958 when Angelo Borg & Paul Muscat began building trailers for use in their own coal cartage company, with their first trailer built being a 16-foot single axle steel tipper.

In 1974, Angelo & Paul started Borcat Trailers where they developed trucks using lazy axles and built bogie trailers, which then led to tri-axle versions. In fact, Borcat Trailers were the first manufacturer in Australia to perfect the building of a tip-over-axle tipper trailer.

Over the years, Borcat Trailers continued to pioneer new technology as trailer designs changed including the use of aluminium. A lot of hard work, time and money were spent getting the thickness and grades right.
The end result; high quality trailers that are “Built to Last”, which led to its reputation in the industry for producing the best truck bodies, dogs and tip-over-axle trailers on the road.

In 2008, Angelo decided it was time to sell the business so that his company could move into the new millennium. He sold the business on 1st October 2008 to current owners John Thompson and Paul Gallagher, with the handover being carefully supervised by Angelo. Both John and Paul were more than happy to receive the advice and wisdom from a man whom was a pioneer and had been so successful and well respected in the industry for such a long time.

Since then, Borcat Trailers has successfully moved into the 21st century by implementing an engineering team which utilises the latest 3D and simulation CAD drawing software to ensure that we stay at the cutting edge of trailer design. That, along with our knowledgeable, skilled and experienced staff has resulted in Borcat Trailers keeping its position as one of the best trailer manufacturers in Australia.

Our range of products now includes Rigid, 3, 4 & 5 axle PBS Dogs as well as semi-trailers and B-Doubles in both aluminium and high-tensile steel.

By December 2014, Borcat Trailers had outgrown its workshop in Girraween where the business had been operating since 1974 and moved its operations to Wetherill Park. This move not only presented the opportunity to supply larger fleets and service a greater number of customers, but to expand into spare parts for all brands of trucks and trailers and perform repairs from a simple hose replacement to extensive body repairs.

Borcat now has an impressive list of customers from the single truck operators through to Australia’s largest quarry supply companies.

The key to Borcat Trailers’ success is our quality products and steady, long term relationships with customers, some going back over 40 years.  This has ensured we retain our reputation of producing truck bodies and trailers which are, and always will be…BUILT TO LAST.

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